A conversation with Paddy Leung

I went on a studio visit not long ago and sat down for an inspiring chat with mixed media artist and all-around material girl Paddy Leung. The latest talent featured on the Toronto the Brave profiles for Hermann & Audrey, Paddy dabbles in more creative circuits than I can count. Picture whimsical tropical landscapes and sparkly…

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Inside the mind of Jeremy Shantz

Jeremy Shantz’s studio is like the Frankenstein of all studios. Everything is built from scratch, from the desk to the mismatched coffee table that used to be a fan belt cage and the shelves housing a taxidermy alligator head and a dismembered yet perfectly manicured mannequin hand. Any other person would… have neatly sat down…


Oozing worlds and abandoned buildings

  ONCE upon a time, I rang this artist’s doorbell for an interview, only to be greeted with the standard double kiss and a very modest: “I haven’t really timed my day well and we need to go pick up my laundry”. So off we went, lugging back a rucksack big enough to fit a child in and…


First days in Montréal: Rooftops, murals and street art overdose

Art by WZRDS GNG Spring is in the air, students are out of classrooms and all of Canada is creeping out of hibernation. Having succesfully finished my first official year at OCAD University, I packed a suitcase and drove to Montréal with my dad. One foot in the city and I’m in my natural habitat. LNDMRK office / MURAL…

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Virgil Baruchel, artist.

From Paris to New York to Toronto, Virgil Baruchel has been surrounded by art since he can remember. Dabbling in as many creative techniques as you can name, the multimedia artist believes in letting his work speak for itself and pushes his imagination and that of his audience as far as it can go. Inspired by game-changing…


What’s up at the MOCCA

I visited the MOCCA yesterday to see the latest exhibition organized by CONTACT Photography Festival. Expertly curated by David Liss and Bonnie Rubenstein, “Material Self: Performing the Other Within” brings together works by eight artists from around the globe and touches on matters of identity, sense of self and shifting images transformed by evolving cultures,…


Jimmy Chiale @ Brockton Collective Inc

Last night I stopped by Brockton Collective Inc for the opening reception of Jimmy Chiale‘s solo show. Born in Paris, the artist moved to Toronto a couple of years ago and the exhibition displayed works from his first days in the city until now. Visitors were hit with blasts of colours as they mingled from canvas…